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Cleansing your face is an important step to remove bacteria and any environmental residue. Keep your complexion healthy by removing makeup and the "day's grime" every night.

Morning cleansing can be equally important, as your skin is busy turning over dead skin cells as you sleep, with the possibility of perspiration and oil production.  

Thoroughly cleansing the residue of topical medications and exfoliants from the night before is important to avoid sun sensitivity during the day. In other words...start over in the morning by cleansing your face. 

Exfoliating cleansers are a good way to give your skin an extra boost. Generally, exfoliating cleansers contain more powerful ingredients such as BHA, salicylic acid, and AHAs: glycolic acid, lactic acid, tartaric acid to name a few. Exfoliating cleansers remove dead skin cells more efficiently than a traditional cleanser. The added benefits—lines and wrinkles will appear less noticeable over time and skin will appear healthier when you add these cleansers to your regimen.

Combination, oily, acne-prone and non-sensitive skin types may use exfoliating cleansers on a daily bases. Dryer complexions or sensitive skin will benefit from using exfoliating cleansers up to several times a week.

With the right cleanser for your skin type, even the driest of complexions should use the appropriate cleanser, twice a day.

Happy cleansing!

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