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mm fans

I saw immediate changes in my skin!
My skin feels more nourished while reducing my acne and redness. I do wear makeup so it’s important for me not to have any leftover residue after cleansing. Lathering Deep Cleanser leaves my skin very clean without a harsh afterglow. I am pleasantly surprised by the smell and texture of Vita C Moisturizing Lotion. I am so excited to continue using Marie Mize Advanced Skin Care products to see the long-term benefits! - Monica, age 41

Marie Mize what can I say...
Effective, easy to use products with almost immediate results and budget friendly. My only wish is that I’d been able to have it sooner but so glad Joan decided to put her expertise in a bottle. - Margaret, age 68

The Marie Mize product line is superb!
I really enjoy the variety of scents and the consistency of Threefold C Serum, Performing Peptide Serum and Vita C Moisturizing Lotion. My skin tone is more uniform and overall my complexion is noticeably better. - Joann, age 59                        

I am a huge Fan...
I love the way Marie Mize Advanced Skin Care products feel on my skin and the way they smell! I especially love the way my skin looks after using the products such a short period of time. Her approach to skin care is methodical and simple. There is a reason for each product with quality ingredients at an affordable price. Renee, age 63

I am amazed at the way my skin feels and looks!
I was fortunate to be a part of a test group for Marie Mize Advanced Skin Care. The one particular result that stood out was, what I can only describe as, a glow to my skin. It is wonderful which makes me feel wonderful. Thank you Joanie for truly effective skin care products in Marie Mize. It truly does provide a more youthful look. Sharyn, age 71

I am impressed by all aspects of the products...
Glowing skin and noticeably shrinking pores. Loved the light feeling of the products and the mild scent is perfect. Usually, I try expensive skin care and discontinue after a few weeks. I am excited to continue with MM forever! - Stacey, age 60   

I just love Marie Mize Advanced Skin Care...
My skin texture has improved and it’s much smoother and brighter. The cleansers are beautiful and I especially love Threefold C Serum. I have sensitive skin and it’s wonderful to have products that are so effective and gentle. Love! Mary, age 59

My skin feels and looks very soft...
I am very picky about the products I use. My skin is sensitive and Marie Mize Advanced Skin Care products are non-irritating and have an appealing, clean smell. Great directions for use and easy to layer with my other skin care products. I really enjoy these products! - Sandy, age 62

Marie Mize Advanced Skin Care does wonders...
I have dry skin and I especially like Vita C Moisturizing Lotion. It has a creamy feel and doesn’t leave a greasy residue behind. - Edda, age 76

Marie Mize products are simple and effective...
That says it best for me. My favorite, Lathering Deep Cleanser rinses so clean with a polished feel. - Melissa, age 55

My skin is looking and feeling great...
Marie Mize skin care products are the best treatments you could hope for. Being someone of “ a certain age”, I appreciate products that were created for my skin now, not my skin when I was 20. - Georgann, age 75

The new Marie Mize skin care product line is amazing!
For years I've been trying many high end products without noticing much improvement.  After several weeks using Marie Mize products, I was stunned! There it was: the improvement I'd been waiting to see....even I could see it!
- Karen, age 71

These products are wonderful! 
Left my skin dewy and glowing. Very easy routine and I highly recommend them.  - Laurel, age 57

I am in love with each and every one of the Marie Mize products...
I noticed a difference right away after starting the daily skin care regimen. My complexion looks fresh, smooth and more radiant! My favorite product is the minty cleanser…so fresh and clean! - Melinda, age 47



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