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Just for fun, a colleague and I decided to estimate how many facials we have performed in our practices as aestheticians. I have been in practice 35-plus years and my estimate was over 35,000 facials accomplished!

Not only have I provided a lot of facials, I learned a tremendous amount along the way, thanks to all those clients and their valuable information; learning about their needs and wants, likes and dislikes with their skin care products, along with other facts of life!

For me, it is all about the client. What kinds of ingredients in products show performance resulting in healthy, glowing skin? What types of products give results for the concerns of skin conditions caused by sun exposure, genetics, and aging? 

I was fortunate to be involved with some of the pioneers in skin care development early on. When ingredients such as glycolic acid, ascorbic acid and retinol came to the forefront as game changers in showing improvement to the skin, I was able to experience these formulations personally and professionally and was very excited, more often than not, with the results. 

Since then, many more ingredients found in skin care products have become popular and trendy with the consumer often at the mercy of marketing tactics

We are all individuals and each of us has criteria to what we are looking for in a skin care product. This is why there are so many products out there! The bottom line to me is, how does your skin look and feel and are you happy with the appearance of your skin? 

Take a close look at your skin:

  • Are your pores congested (clogged) giving a rough feel when you touch your skin?
  • Does your skin not have a glow most of the time giving it a dull appearance?
  • Do you suffer from hyperpigmentation (brown spots/age spots/sun spots)?
  • Does your skin not have a “soft look” due to obvious fine lines or medium to deep wrinkles?
  • Does your skin breakout easily from product use?

    Well-formulated skin care products can actually help with these issues. I have witnessed it first hand with my clients. If you are using a skin care line of products, or skin care products at random, and you still have these issues, you may need to reconsider what you are spending your money on.

    Forty of my clients became part of the focus group for Marie Mize Advanced Skin Care. Since MM is targeted specifically for mature skin, each person was over 40 years of age with varied skin types and concerns. Another criteria was that each person was currently using a skin care regimen regularly. The focus group used Marie Mize Advanced Skin Care products for over 1 month. The positive feedback, reviews and impressive visual results were the driving force for Marie Mize Advanced Skin Care to come to fruition. 

    With this well-received introduction of six high-performing Marie Mize products, additional products are under development and will be coming soon.  

    I am very grateful to each member of the focus group. Without them, Marie Mize Advanced Skin Care would not have had the clout of proven performance to move forward. You will see these amazing people and be able to read what they have to say as you explore this website.

    We are all maturing and needless to say, we want to look and feel our best. With Marie Mize Advanced Skin Care, my hope is that these well-developed and focus group tested products will do the same for you!

    Joan Marie Mize
    Founder/Licensed Aesthetician and Skin Care Expert











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